The e-commerce market place in Indonesia has achieved Rp 10 trillion in 2012, and will be reaching RP 30 trillion in 2015.

Every brand who want to capitalise on this e-commerce opportunity has to put in place robust support pillars and to tools to ensure success, such as:

  1. Secure & reliable payment system
  2. Secure & proven delivery process
  3. High credibility call center
  4. Ease of use on mobile tablet and desktop (User Behaviour and User Experience)
  5. Perfect e-Commerce engine

To build self service is an option. It's safe and cost saving. But the investment & the maintainance is not cheap, while the risk is also bigger.

To help brand to go to e-commerce easilly with manageable risk, Virtual Consuting & TRG Investama is presenting Indonesia E-Commerce.

Indonesia E-Commerce is a Smart e-Commerce Platform supported by powerful Smarter Commerce: WebSphere Commerce and Marketing Center Solutions from IBM which is integrated to local Payment System, Cloud Services, Call Center, Digital Marketing Consultant, Warehousing and Delivery Services.

By joining this platform, your brand will have additional benefits such as:

  1. Opening your potential market share, with: Brand to Brand Cross Selling Specific and Contextual Promotion
  2. Integrated Platform with the Expert Service
  3. Flexible investment method
  4. Faster Time to Market